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The Perfect Fitting Dress


Step 1: Find Your Perfect Fit

We have done away with vague sizing and have spent years engineering the fit. Each dress silhouette is made based on bust, waist and hip measurements for a custom fit. We guarantee it will fit great.

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Step 2: Find your figure flattering silhouette

Your body shape will be the guide to your most flattering dress silhouettes. Let us help you find the best fitting silhouette. And if your body changes a bit, no worries, the fabric is so accommodating that it will snap back or stretch in all the right places. We purposely made them without zippers!

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Step 3: Customize your dress

Create your personal look by choosing your color, size, neckline, sleeve and hem length. Each dress has hidden side pockets and the ponte fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. The fabric won’t pill and is machine washable.